Assembly Automation: Volume 2 Issue 1


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Grouping parts into families for automatic assembly

Robots are not the only answer to assembly of parts in batch quantities. A so called dedicated machine can assemble a variety of parts by grouping them into families…

TV camera system inspects and sorts power transistor chips

Kunihiko Edamatsu, Tetsuo Kiuchi, Yoshiaki Isono, Shiro Naruse, Akira Momose

An automated power transistor chip sorting apparatus and position recognition algorithm have been developed at Fuji Electric. The apparatus inspects each chip on a wafer…

Meeting a variety of future needs with flexible assembly

Manfred Schröder

A flexible assembly system, built along modular lines, offers the potential to meet a variety of production line requirements

Flexible assembly module with vision — controlled robot

W.B. Heginbotham, D.F. Barnes, D.R. Purdue, D.J. Law

A prototype system has been developed at the Production Engineering Research Association to feed, inspect and assemble small parts. The machine can be adjusted to cope…

Why the flexible workshop is suitable for medium batches

Renault Machines Outils has been pulling together various expertise available within the Renault organisation in order to develop the flexible manufacturing concept (FMS…



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