Assembly Automation: Volume 19 Issue 1


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Introduction to electronic cam

Mike Woelfel

Introduces the reader to the concepts and benefits of electronic cam capability in electronic motion control systems. General mechanical cam operation is discussed and the…


How are we doing in mechatronics?

Jack Hollingum

Mechatronics received close attention in October 1998, first at a day conference organized by the IEE looking at the Japanese experience, and then at a lecture on…


Cam technology for assembly automation

Joseph R. Farkas

Outlines the history of the development of mechanical cam controlled machinery and provides numerous examples of applications to which mechanical cams are ideally suited…

Electronic camming and gearing

Jan van Gerwen

Machine builders often use mechanical solutions to translate a rotation motion into linear motion, and to synchronize several axes with one another, or with other moving…


Smart cam application to robot control

Hiroshi Makino

Smart cam or electronic cam is a combination of a computer program for motion definition and a high‐performance servo mechanism. By using this, one can obtain a…

Method for automatic tool selection for disassembly planning

Benjamin O’Shea, Hartmut Kaebernick, S.S. Grewal, H. Perlewitz, K. Müller, G. Seliger

A method for the automatic selection of tools in a disassembly or assembly environment is described. The method uses a cluster graph to represent the product in a fashion…


Machine vision and intelligence incorporating motion control

Ronald Brian Jennings, Glen Bright

Manufacturers faced with small production runs often require multiple machine changeovers per shift. Vision control of machinery offers a cost‐effective solution to this…




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