Assembly Automation: Volume 14 Issue 2


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Rapid prototyping—the ultimate in automation?

P M Dickens

Examines the coming together of the three technologies of 3DComputer‐aided design, laser technology and additive techniques whichhas made rapid prototyping a reality for…

Rapid prototyping using the selective sintering process

Neal P. Juster

Examines the process of selective laser sintering [SLS] forrapid prototyping. Begins with a brief history of [SLS] thendescribes the main components of the SLS system, the…


Surfing hopper—new method to transfer parts

Ryoichi Yoshida, Mikihisa Tajima

Outlines development work on the surfing hopper, a new parts feedingsystem where chain conveyors with free rollers are driven by avariable‐speed motor and a flexible belt…


MRPII, real‐time scheduling and SBM

J R Barker

Discusses a new manufacturing philosophy, Schedule‐basedManufacturing and compares it to the widely used Manufacturing ResourcePlanning [MRPII]. Looks at the history of…


Cubital rapid prototyping shortens time‐to‐market

Richard Smith

Looks at the Cubital solider rapid prototyping machine which uses thesolid ground curing technique to produce prototype models and is particularapt for models with…

Parangon uses LOM technology to cut product development times

Anna Kochan

Examines the benefits that a small French engineering design company isexperiencing after investing in a Laminated Object Manufacturing[LOM] rapid prototyping machine. It…


Financial incentives for industrial automation

Tony Reid

Looks at the various types of financial incentives available to firmsengaged in assembly technology. Outlines capital project funding schemes atEuropean, national and…




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