Assembly Automation: Volume 13 Issue 2


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Cost Benefits from Safety Conformance

Colin Davis

What Happened to 1992? It seems only yesterday that, as a result of EC legislation, we were being exhorted to think ahead and make all the changes necessary before 1992…

Siemens Automotive — Robots and Lasers

Anna Kochan

The new highly automated electronics assembly and test line at Siemens Automotive's plant at Foix in France is claimed to enable high‐volume production without…

The “Methods” of a Quality Master

Lance Ealey

A Quality Engineering Primer: Quality engineering (QE) techniques enable engineers to develop products and processes in a fraction of the time required by conventional…

Just‐in‐Time (JIT): Concepts, SMT and Industrial Robots in Modern Electronics Manufacturing

Uwe Schweigert

Initial Planning or Revision of Electronics Manufacturing Areas: Automation and just‐in‐time (JIT) manufacturing are the crucial suppositions of economical electronics…

Rapid Prototyping

Jack Hollingum

Time was when many people thought the best way with new products was to be second in the market, letting the pioneer create the market, make all the mistakes and incur the…

Track‐robot for Wafer Fabrication Intrabay Handling

Gino Cardarelli, Pacifico Marcello Pelagagge, Agostino Granito

The principal results of a study concerning the industrial transfer in MOS memory wafer fabrication, of an intrabay material handling system based on a track‐robot are…

Neural Networks for Electronics Assembly

Simmy Grewal

In August 1991 I had the opportunity of attending the annual general meeting of CIRP in Aix‐en‐Provence, France. CIRP is not all that well known generally. It is however a…

Machine Vision Boosts PCB Assembly Processes

Kathy McWalter

Visual feedback is integral to the PCB assembly process for a variety of tasks, including board alignment, component identification, and guidance of components onto…



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