Assembly Automation: Volume 10 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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From feeders to assembly systems

Development of a flexible medium technology assembly machine, the Microbot, and a link‐up with Montech has strengthened Aylesbury Automations assembly systems building…

Controlling the flow for flexiblity

A move from build‐to‐order to off‐the‐shelf forced Unisys' Flemington plant to re‐think its manufacturing strategy. Integrating assembly with test and distribution through…

ICL restructures assembly

New assembly system for ICL's DRS300 computers, with ISM rotary workstations, SKF Flex‐link conveyors and new computer control, has reduced the work‐in‐progress buffer by…

Harnessing technology for cable assembly

Electrolux Industrial Systems has developed a new automatic wire harnessing system for use in industrial applications.

Robotics PCB assembly

Few companies have yet attempted the assembly of PCBs by robot and even fewer have succeeded in making a direct link with CAD. Anna Kochan reports from one French exception.

Garden posts spawn prototyping system

A South Wales company has developed a system that speeds up the production of PCB prototypes. Brian Rooks visited the company and was suprised at its origins.

An integration and analysis tool for engineers

R.W. Baines, G.J. Colquhoun

System design methodologies can greatly help the understanding of complex manufacturing situations. The IDEF0 structured analysis method is one of the favoured tools for industry.

Cranfield project extends to assembly

The Cranfield College of Manufacturing's MSc group project has further developed the AIM‐Demonstrator. This year an assembly station has been added.

Going for the best supplier

Apple Computer has opted for a worldwide specification for its production plant. Reflow ovens are supplied by Research Inc.



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