Assembly Automation: Volume 10 Issue 2


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Surface mount features at Nepcon Europe

Evidence at Birmingham Nepcon indicated Europeans are fighting back in the surface mount machinery market. Dynapert was one UK company to announce a major new product at the show.

Robots boost productivity at Valencia

The degree of automation used by Ford at its Valencia engine assembly plant has been gradually increased over the past years. John Hartley reports from Spain.

Assembly integrated to design

Automated programming of a robot automated assembly cell was one feature of the Alvey large scale demonstrator, Design to Product, unveiled in its final form in March at…

Expert systems to the aid of assembly

Knowledge‐based system techniques are increasingly being invoked in aid of assembly. A conference held in London in March drew attention to several current activities.

EWAB keeps Rover engines in order

EWAB Engineering's recently introduced carrier system, at Rover's Longbridge plant, is being used to marshall engine — gearbox units for the new 200 and 400 series cars.

Multi‐sensor system for flexible assembly

P. van Zee, K.G. Günther, R. Poleschinski, N. Roth

A new approach to programming and operating multi‐sensor systems in flexible assembly automation has been developed. The concepts and strategies are described together…

Design‐for‐assembly through knowledge application

A. Holbrook, P. Sackett

Reduced part count is a powerful cost‐saving element of design‐for‐assembly systems. A method has been developed in which component function and relationship data are used…

Reaching for perfection in gearbox assembly

Continuous monitoring, measuring and testing during final assembly is enabling Rover cars to produce zero defect gearboxes. Brian Rooks reports on the R65 assembly and…

Simulating part flow in automated assembly

J. Figour, E. Verdebout

A programme to simulate part flow in assembly automation, SIMAS, has been developed with support from Swiss industry. It allows the user to optimise investment as well as…



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