Assembly Automation: Volume 1 Issue 4


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Using Swiss assembly technology to make quartz alarm clocks

At the East Dereham factory of the UK's largest clock manufacturer, Metamec, advanced product technology and manufacturing automation are producing a cost effective…

Successful application of automatic assembly in the German Federal Republic

H.‐J. Warnecke, J. Walther

West Germany is one of Europe's leading users of assembly automation techniques. This report classifies the types of systems now being installed and gives examples of some…

Streamlining the assembly and test of engines for Land Rover

Bob Hayler

Computers are being used more and more to control production operations and provide accurate data for management decisions. The key factor is the software system and at…

The part mating forces that arise when using a worktable with compliance

T. Arai, N. Kinoshita

In this research paper the authors argue that it is difficult to design compliance into the insertion tool of an assembly device.They suggest the use of a worktable with…

Watchmaking is influencing assembly automation technology

John Hartley

Precision and automation indispensible to the watch industry can spin off into other industries. A manufacturer of LPG hand valves is using the technology evolved by the…



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