Assembly Automation: Volume 1 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Economic methods of justifying manufacturing projects

Harry Ogden

There are several acceptable financial appraisable criteria which now can be computerised. This gives more and better data to management for making less risky decisions…

French firms unite to raise customers' productivity

A group of five French companies can now offer assembly automation systems to cope with both low and high volume production across a range of industries.

Inspection and control of a rotary table automatic assembly machine

I. Zsuppán

Study of rotary table assembly machines shows that most of the malfunctions occur as a result of substandard parts included in the parts to be assembled. A control system…

Using vision in electric motor assembly

A.G. Makhlin

The Automatic Programmable Assembly System (APAS) being developed by Westinghouse has reached an advanced stage. Vision plays an important role in the positioning…

The cyclone feeder which turns parts on their heads

K. Yamafuji, T. Osada

A new type of pneumatic parts feeding systems has been developed comprising a drum hopper, a jet inducer and a cyclone. A key feature of the system is the cyclone which…

A passive assembly device for the speedy assembly of pegs in holes

A. Romiti, G. Belforte, N. D'Alfio, F. Quagliotti

A system has been devised for the fast assembly of pegs in holes using a guiding frame which has four degress of freedom and which is separated from the insertion actuator.

Building watches can be as easy as A, B, C…

John Hartley

Seiko watches are produced on automatic assembly lines by three methods: System A for mechanical watches, System B for digital watches and now System C is being developed…



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