International Journal of Manpower: Volume 32 Issue 7


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Table of contents - Special Issue: New perspectives for labour market research: the IZA evaluation dataset

Guest Editors: Corrado Giulietti

The IZA Evaluation Dataset: towards evidence‐based labor policy making

Marco Caliendo, Armin Falk, Lutz C. Kaiser, Hilmar Schneider, Arne Uhlendorff, Gerard van den Berg, Klaus F. Zimmermann

This paper aims to present the IZA Evaluation Dataset, a newly created data source allowing for the evaluation of active labor market policies in Germany.

Ethnicity, job search and labor market reintegration of the unemployed

Amelie F. Constant, Martin Kahanec, Ulf Rinne, Klaus F. Zimmermann

This paper seeks to shed further light on the native‐migrant differences in economic outcomes. The aim is to investigate labor market reintegration, patterns of job search, and…


The threat effect of participation in active labor market programs on job search behavior of migrants in Germany

Annette Bergemann, Marco Caliendo, Gerard J. van den Berg, Klaus F. Zimmermann

Labor market programs may affect unemployed individuals' behavior before they enroll. The aim of this paper is to study whether such ex ante effects differ according to ethnic…

Social networks, job search methods and reservation wages: evidence for Germany

Marco Caliendo, Ricarda Schmidl, Arne Uhlendorff

This paper aims to analyze the role of social networks on the job search choices of the unemployed. If social networks convey useful information in the job search process…


Economic preferences and attitudes of the unemployed: Are natives and second generation migrants alike?

Amelie F. Constant, Annabelle Krause, Ulf Rinne, Klaus F. Zimmermann

The aim of this paper is to study the economic effects of risk attitudes, time preferences, trust and reciprocity and to compare natives and second generation migrants.

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