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Table Of Contents: Volume 31 Issue 5 - Special Issue: Economics of vocational education and training policies

Risk‐return trade‐offs to different educational paths: vocational, academic and mixed

Simone N. Tuor, Uschi Backes‐Gellner

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the rates of return and the risks of different types of educational paths – all leading to a tertiary educational degree. The…

Resources in vocational education and post‐schooling outcomes

Mika Maliranta, Satu Nurmi, Hanna Virtanen

The purpose of this paper is to examine the determinants of labour market outcomes after the initial vocational basic education (ISCED 3).

Apprenticeship training: for investment or substitution?

Jens Mohrenweiser, Uschi Backes‐Gellner

The purpose of this paper is to derive an empirical method to identify different types of training strategies of companies based on publicly available company data.

The role of size in firms' training: evidence from Spain

Laia Castany

The purpose of this paper is to analyse why small firms provide less training to their employees than their larger counterparts. The hypothesis is that large firms are…

How does job‐training increase firm performance? The case of Morocco

Audrey Dumas, Saïd Hanchane

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the effects of job‐training programs, initiated by the Moroccan government and called “special training contracts”, on the…



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