International Journal of Manpower: Volume 29 Issue 3


An interdisciplinary journal on human resources, management & labour economics

Table of contents - Special Issue: Unemployment, innovation and R&D

Guest Editors: Antonio Garofalo, Franois Rycx, Concetto Paolo Vinci

Unemployment, innovation and R&D: introduction

Antonio Garofalo, François Rycx, Concetto Paolo Vinci

This paper aims to introduce the contributions in this special issue on “Unemployment, innovation and R&D”, and provide a brief outline of the international conference organised…


Micro evidence of the effects of R&D on labour productivity for large international R&D firms

L. Aldieri, M. Cincera, A. Garofalo, C.P. Vinci

The aim of this paper is to assess the effects of traditional inputs and firms' R&D capital on labour productivity growth.

Labour market flexibility and innovation: geographical and technological determinants

Luca Pieroni, Fabrizio Pompei

This paper aims to shed light upon the controversial relationship between labour market flexibility and innovation in Italy, paying attention both to inter‐sectoral heterogeneity…


Social policies and R&D subsidies: Impact on inequality, unemployment, growth and the tax burden

Nathalie Chusseau, Joël Hellier

The paper seeks to analyse the impact of different public policies on inequality, unemployment, growth and the tax burden.


Effects of social interactions on scientists' productivity

Maria Rosaria Carillo, Erasmo Papagni, Fabian Capitanio

Recent economic research has focused on the economic effects of the social environment. In the economic literature, important phenomena are considered, at least in part, as…


Microeconomic analysis of unemployment persistence in Belgium

Amynah Gangji, Robert Plasman

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the causes of unemployment persistence among the Belgian labour force. The underlying issue is to determine the eventual existence of a…

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