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Table Of Contents: Volume 22 Issue 1/2

The signalling power of education by size of firm and the long‐term effects on workers’ careers

Arnaud Dupray

The paper seeks to separate the signalling effect of education on first entry into the labour market and the long‐term influence of its human capital component on…

Employment and wage assimilation of male first‐generation immigrants in Denmark

Leif Husted, Helena Skyt Nielsen, Michael Rosholm, Nina Smith

Labour market assimilation of Danish first‐generation male immigrants is analysed based on two panel data sets covering the population of immigrants and 10 per cent of the…

Skill supply, supervision requirements and unemployment of low‐skilled labor

Josef Falkinger, Volker Grossmann

This paper presents a model with flexible wages in which unemployment of low‐skilled labor is possible in equilibrium, whereas high‐skilled workers are fully employed…

New organisational forms, learning and incentive‐based inequality

Patricia Crifo‐Tillet, Marie‐Claire Villeval

In relation to the analysis of inequality and skill‐bias innovation, this article develops a theoretical model for determining the influence of work organisation on…

Workers’ skill level and information technology: a censored regression model

Martin Falk, Katja Seim

This paper analyses the link between educational qualification structure and information technology (IT) in the service production process. The analysis is based on 1996…

Skills obsolescence: causes and cures

Jasper van Loo, Andries de Grip, Margot de Steur

Until now there has been surprisingly little research on the causes of and the remedies for skills obsolescence. This study tries to fill that gap to some extent by…

Analysing the effect of training on wages – using combined survey‐register data

Pål Schøne

This article analysis the impact of training on wages using combined survey‐register material. The objective is threefold: to combine survey and register information to…

Does training generally work?

Mark Schonewille

Over the past decade, researchers have been increasingly concerned with the effects of training. Whereas Gary Becker stated that employers pay for specific training and…



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