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Table Of Contents: Volume 17 Issue 8

The perceived impact of team‐based management systems on organizational effectiveness

Dean Elmuti

Investigates the relationships between team‐based management systems and organizational effectiveness across a variety of settings throughout the USA. Uses a validated…

Differential teamwork performance

Jacob Weisberg

Team‐based, performance‐contingent pay plans are designed to increase workers’ motivation and productivity. Evaluates differential performance among 65 workers employed in…

Holonic modelling: human resource planning and the two faces of Janus

Brian Parker, David Caine

Gives the background to human resource planning (HRP) and argues that HRP tools are still an essential management requirement. Looks, therefore, to HRP tools that are not…

The labour market in Nigeria under regulation and deregulation

Augustus N. Gbosi

Regulation in its broader sense, means the imposition of restrictions on the various sectors of an economy. For example, prior to 1986, regulatory controls were the main…

US managerial strategies and applications for retaining personnel in Mexico

Marco Polo Tello, Walter E. Greene

Among the problems of the in‐bond (maquiladora) assembly plants in Mexico, voluntary turnover is a complex phenomenon, difficult to assess and solve. Although caused by…



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