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Table Of Contents: Volume 12 Issue 2

European Integration and Human Resources: An Introduction

Geraint Johnes

By the end of 1992 many of the barriers whichstill hinder trade between the European states willhave gone. This article surveys recentdevelopments in the European…

The Right Programme for Europe

Edward Heath

These extracts from a speech given by Mr Heathto the Royal Institute for International Relationsand the College of Europe, in Belgium, 1989 offera clear view of a genuine…

The Social Charter: An Opportunity Missed

John Banham

Europe′s social charter must be a charter forenhanced competitiveness and not a recipe forprotectionism and missed employmentopportunities. This article argues for a…

Effects in the UK of EC Wage Proposals in the Social Charter

Patrick Minford, Paul Ashton

This article considers the impact of minimumwage legislation on wages, employment and grossdomestic product. Using the Liverpool quarterlymodel of the UK to calculate the…

The Social Charter and After

David Lea

Properly implemented, the social charter′sprinciples will provide for both social justice andenhanced competition in the new Europeanmarket. The principle of…

1992 and the Free Movement of Workers

Paul Teague

This article investigates the movement of labourwithin the EC. In evaluating the implications ofthe Single European Market for free movementof labour, the author reviews…


This article has been withdrawn as it was published elsewhere and accidentally duplicated. The original article can be seen here: 10.1108/EUM0000000001877. When citing the…

Specialisation of Manufacturing Industry in the European Economic Space

Robert C. Hine

International specialisation in production via thedevelopment of international trade and factormovements is the basis of much of the developedworld′s prosperity. This…



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