Library Management: Volume 44 Issue 5


Table of contents - Special Issue: Kuopio Conference: Review, Renew and Collection Maintenance

Guest Editors: Pentti Vattulainen

Rebirth in the examination of past roles and triumphs in determining what might be

Steve O'Connor

Repository Libraries need to pause and re-consider their role and future purpose in the light of the Digital Disruption of the whole library and publishing industries. This paper…

Renew and recycle: developing sustainable preservation strategies

Jacob Nadal, Erin Engle

The Library of Congress is engaged in an effort to ensure the health and sustainability of its preservation program.


North: the Canadian shared print network/Nord: Réseau canadien de conservation partagée des documents imprimés

Joseph Hafner

This paper was presented at the Kuopio 2022 Conference in Vienna, Austria on September 7, 2022, to show the work in Canada to create a Canadian shared print network and to share…

The British Library – rethinking physical storage

Andrew H. Appleyard

The British Library (BL) faces a significant challenge with storage space predicted to run out within the next three years. However, alongside a plan to create additional…

Speicherverbund Nord - A regional print archiving cooperative in northern Germany

Claudius Herkt-Januschek

Speicherverbund Nord is a print archiving cooperative of seven academic libraries from Northern Germany. Its scope is the shared archiving of print serials with multiple holdings…

Cooperative preservation management and the digitisation of journal collections in French higher education libraries

Guillaume Niziers, Gabrielle Richard

The study aims to highlight the outputs and issues of cooperative preservation and digitisation of journal collections in French higher education libraries.


bwLastCopies – identifying the last copy: activities in the German state of Baden-Württemberg

Lena Hassel

Cooperative preservation has been an international topic for a long time. Germany’s neighbouring countries such as Austria and Switzerland have already taken measures for the…

KUOPIO 2022: The application of the MARC 583 “action note” in Austria and Germany

Silke Sewing

The purpose of this article is to present the implementation process in Germany and Austria of MARC 583 as an example for a supraregional cooperative library workflow in the…

On site/ off site/ in transit - Aspects of emergency preparedness and risk management for library collections

Cornelia Posch

This paper aims to provide insights into the state of emergency preparedness in libraries, highlight critical aspects of risk and prevention and present ideas and resources for…


First steps towards shared print collaboration in Sweden

Karin Byström, Anna Isaksson, Anna Thordstein, Wolfgang Undorf

This paper reports the development in Sweden during the last few years on shared print cooperation. In June 2022, 30 libraries signed a letter of intent on cooperation on…

Conservation at the National Library of Greece: the transition's aftermath

Zoitsa Gkinni, Nikolas Sarris

The National Library of Greece (NLG) was founded in 1832 and since 1903 it had been housed at the Vallianeio building, a landmark in the center of Athens. With a history of nearly…

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