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Influence of satisfaction and loyalty on Net Promoter Score (NPS) in academic libraries in Indonesia

Dyah Puspitasari Srirahayu, Esti Putri Anugrah, Khoirotun Layyinah

This study aims to determine the NPS score of state academic libraries users in Indonesia, the relationship between user loyalty and NPS scores and the relationship…

Covid-19 impact on the Caribbean academic library: Jamaica's preliminary response to people, place, product and services

Sasekea Yoneka Harris

This paper examined the impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic on people, place, product and services in Jamaican academic libraries. It also compares…

The coronavirus pandemic in the Caribbean academic library: Jamaica's initial interpretation of strengths, biggest impact, lessons and plans

Sasekea Yoneka Harris

This paper examined the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic (known as COVID-19) on Jamaican academic libraries, during the first six months, with an emphasis on…

Embedding an information literacy course into a learning management system: a case study

Janine Lockhart

This article outlines how an existing information literacy (IL) course was developed and embedded into a Learning Management System (LMS) with the aim of creating a…

Public views on a new library project: a content analysis 2014–2019

Jingzhen Xie, Lili Sun

This study aims to investigate how the local residents viewed a new public library project in Macao through the analysis of newspaper articles published in 2014–2019 and…

A secondary analysis of the library profession’s self-reported competence and comfort in working with patrons with disabilities

JJ Pionke

This article presents a secondary analysis of previously published data in order to drive discussion of the library profession’s current state of preparedness in working…

Mobile phone library service: seat management system based on WeChat

Yan Liu, Hui Ye, Hua Sun

This paper proposes a systematic method to manage students to use limited seat resources in Chinese university libraries, with the aid of mobile phone app, at the same…

Transforming a university library into a learning organisation

Clare Thorpe

The purpose of this study is to discuss the strategies to promote a culture of professional learning within an Australian academic library. As the COVID-19 experience has…

Migrating to a shared Library Management System: evaluation from the perspective of librarians and lessons learned

Dimitrios Kouis, Konstantinos Kyprianos, Foteini Efthymiou, Alexandros Koulouris, Antonia Karabela

The purpose of this article is to investigate certain aspects, problems and benefits from the migration to a shared Library Management System (LMS).

The current influential factors in adoption of innovations in university libraries of Pakistan

Sania Awais, Kanwal Ameen

The purpose of this paper is to explore the salient factors in adoption of innovations in university libraries of Pakistan. The topic is important because academic…

ICT literacy skills proficiency and experience on the use of electronic resources amongst undergraduate students in selected Eastern Cape Universities, South Africa

Oluwayemi IbukunOluwa Olatoye, Fhulu Nekhwevha, Ndakasharwa Muchaonyerwa

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the levels of information and communication technology (ICT) literacy proficiency and experiences amongst Universities of Fort…

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