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Catch-22: How do academic libraries position themselves between top level management expectations and scholars hopes and dreams?

Thomas Kaarsted

Services to researchers are a key strategic focus point for academic libraries. In many cases these services are linked to performance management systems. However, this kind of…

Business process modelling using ARIS: process architecture

Dina Tbaishat

Academic libraries have witnessed huge changes due to internal and external factors. Recent evidence shows that there is a lack of interest in process analysis within academic…


Mission statements in academic libraries: a discourse analysis

Linda R. Wadas

The purpose of this paper is to determine how academic library mission statements are related to their parent institution mission statements.


Impact of continuing education programs (CEPs) on LIS professionals in academic libraries in Mumbai, India

Madhura Deodhar, Sushama Powdwal

The purpose of this paper is to report the research findings of an evaluation of the impact of continuing education programs (CEPs) on library information science (LIS…

Online library job advertisement in United Arab Emirates: a content analysis of online sources

Abdoulaye Kaba

The purpose of this paper is to investigate and analyze library jobs advertised by higher education institutions, newspapers and job market sites in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

A review of professionalism within LIS

Paul Cannon

The purpose of this paper is to examine the nature of professionalism within Library and Information Science (LIS) and in doing so draw comparisons with the education and medicine…


Leadership and leadership development in academic libraries: a review

Gabrielle Ka Wai Wong

The purpose of this paper is to highlight academic librarians’ understanding of leadership and leadership development, with the aim to shed light on further research that can…


Effects of the digitization to the printed collection policies: The digital knowledge economy and the Finnish academic libraries

Jarmo Saarti, Markku Antero Laitinen, Pentti Vattulainen

The recent changes in the knowledge economy and scientific knowledge dissemination have put academic libraries in a new situation. The demand for open access of scientific…


Built to succeed: sustainable learning environment at UC Merced Library

Haipeng Li

The purpose of this paper is to explore the sustainable learning environment at UC Merced Library.

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