Police Studies: Intnl Review of Police Development: Volume 19 Issue 4


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Routine activities and the spatial‐temporal variation of calls for police service: the experience of opposites on the quality of life spectrum

James LeBeau, Richard Coulson

People call the police and want them to handle a variety of matters besides criminal ones. The city is divided into various communities with different functions and…

Evaluation of standardized field sobriety tests training in North Carolina

Vivian B. Lord

The purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of SFST training in North Carolina. Effectiveness was assessed by comparing differences in the following…

Police satisfaction with their jobs: arresting officers in the District of Columbia

Richard Seltzer, Sucre Alonè, Gwendolyn Howard

Over three hundred police officers from the District of Columbia were surveyed as they waited for court appearances. Although police officers were satisfied with their…

The future of policing in Turkey: current and proposed organizational changes in public policing

Ahmet H. Aydin

Turkish police organizational structures have changed dramatically since their inception and it is likely that further organizational changes and restructuring in police…

Hailing and boarding: the psychological impact of US coast guard boardings

G.O.W. Mueller, Freda Adler

Measures the impact of armed US Coast Guard boardings on those aboard boarded vessels. A sample of fifty subjects (half members of a graduate class on “Maritime Crime and…



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1995 – 1996

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