Police Studies: Intnl Review of Police Development: Volume 19 Issue 3


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Frustration, strain and commitment to community policing: a comparative analysis of American and English police officers

Donald L. Yates, Vijayan K. Pillai, Joel D. Humburg

Compares police officer attitudes in Forth Worth, Texas with those of Northumbria, UK. Finds that both groups have remarkably similar experiences with frustration, strain…

Community‐oriented policing in Virginia

Helen Taylor Greene

This study examines community policing in Virginia. The methodology included (1) a telephone survey to identify programs and (2) questionnaires mailed to police agencies…

Defining community policing: practice versus paradigm

Joanne Ziembo‐Vogl, Devere Woods

While many believe that community policing has advanced beyond the defining stage, conflict still exists between community policing as envisioned by academics and…

Criminal forfeiture: an effective alternative to civil and administrative proceedings

Greg L. Warchol, Dennis M. Payne, Brian R. Johnson

Property forfeiture has become one of the more controversial law enforcement techniques currently employed in the War on Drugs. The extensive use of administrative and…

The intelligent analyst as social scientist: a comparison of research methods

Henry W. Prunckun

A study which explores the relationship between law enforcement intelligence and social research. The author argues that because law enforcement intelligence draws heavily…



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1995 – 1996

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