Police Studies: Intnl Review of Police Development: Volume 19 Issue 2


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A risky business: the recruitment and running of informers by English police officers

Colin Dunnighan, Clive Norris

The movement, in the United Kingdom, towards the adoption of proactive policing strategies, and the concomitant emphasis on the use of informers, has resulted in police…

Police reform in Northern Ireland

Ronald Weitzer

The issue of police reform has become especially salient in Northern Ireland since the announcement of a ceasefire in September 1994. This article examines several major…

Dealing with complaints against the police: the resolution process adopted by the Queensland Police Service, Australia

Robert C. Holland

In 1993 Queensland Police Service, Australia changed the way they dealt with complaints against police officers. The type of system they chose recognized that the majority…

Women police units in India: a new direction

Mangai Natarajan

Twenty‐nine all‐women police units have recently (1994) been established by the Tamil Nadu State Police in South India. These units generally consist of 15 women…

Police suicide: an overview

John M. Miolanti

Police work is an occupation replete with psychological stress and trauma, danger, and availability of firearms. Under such conditions, one might expect an increased risk…



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