Police Studies: Intnl Review of Police Development: Volume 19 Issue 1


Table of contents

The position of municipal police chief: an examination of selection criteria and requisite skills

M.L. Dantzker

Selection criteria for individuals seeking to become police officers continues to receive attention from practitioners and academicians. However, an area of equal, if not…

Mental practice enhances recruit police officers’ acquisition of critical psychomotor skills

Thomas S. Whetstone

Mental practice is a method for acquiring, rehearsing or enhancing a physical skill without using fine or gross motor movements. Experiments were made on 72 student police…

On the use of police officers in randomized experiments: some lessons from the Milwaukee domestic violence experiment

Alexander Weiss, Robert F. Boruch

Evaluations of criminal justice policy increasingly employ randomized experiements, especially in studies of policing. These experiments, however, raise important ethical…

A service under change: current issues in policing in England and Wales

Donald B. Walker, Malcolm Richards

Anticipates that over the next few years the police service in England and Wales is likely to experience significant changes in organization and management. Appraises…



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1995 – 1996

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