Management Research News: Volume 9 Issue 2


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The Role of the Industrial Library

Angela Abell

The role of the library in any field is changing and developing. The impetus for change must come from the librarian rather than the employer, whose view of change may be rather…

The Librarian as Intermediary

Brenda White

To be a successful intermediary demands knowledge and exploitation of resources and understanding and knowledge of the users. This entails a disregard for the traditional labels…

The Industrial Library & the Information Network

Margery Roaf

Much of the success of industrial libraries stems from their ability to tap outside resources and their knowledge of other library networks. An enormous amount of “free floating…

The Information Unit's Contribution to Industry

J.R. Norris

The role of libraries and librarians in industry is changing rapidly. This is the Information Age in which information transfer is all‐important. The implications for librarians…

Non‐users in Industry and Commerce

Margaret Slater

Non‐use or under‐exploitation of any service provided by the employer at work as an aid to work represents a non‐productive investment. Non‐use of libraries may be voluntary (i.e…

Academic/Industrial Links

A. Rennie McElroy

If links are to be formed between libraries and professional colleagues in other areas, they need to remember that their wider professional objectives are similar and that a clear…

Confidentiality — Friend or Foe?

Alastair J. McKinna

In the realm of public and consumer awareness a more open attitude of government towards confidentiality is needed, whereas in the industrial sphere confidentiality is needed to…

British Library Services to Industry and Commerce

David King

The British Library currently consists of two major operational divisions. The principal part of the library serving industry and commerce is the Science and Technology Division…

Information for Industry at the Hatfield Polytechnic

Jill Feldt

HERTIS Information for Industry (IFI) is a service designed to meet the varied information needs of businesses in the Hatfield area. For companies without their own library, it…

The Greater London Council Research Library and its Worldwide Services

Alan Gomersall

Through a combination of human skills and computer support systems the Research Library of the Greater London Council (GLC) provides the politician and the professional officer…



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