Management Research News: Volume 9 Issue 1


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The Power and Politics of Marketing Budgeting

Nigel Piercy

The power of the marketing department and its political control of the budgeting process relative to the power and political behaviour of other departments can be used to predict…

Departmental Performance Evaluation in Marketing and Production Contexts

Alan S. Dunk, Graham K. Kenny

Performance evaluation in production and marketing involves the application of a wide range of measures. These encompass the activities specific to each department type and those…

Leadership Strategies for Organisational Transformation

Philip R. Harris

We are entering the age of the Information Revolution. Managers in this transition period must be dedicated to planned change if they are to respond to emerging needs and markets…

Models : A Systematic Classification

ir. J. in 't Veld

A model is a strategic aid which can be defined as an aspect system with a higher abstraction stratum whose purpose is to study another system. Many different types of models…

Can Students Who Study Management Learn to Think More Creatively: A Case Study and Experimental Observation

Brenda Massetti, George Munchus

Creativity is beginning to receive attention from management who are implementing creativity training programmes to counteract the lack of innovative ideas and decreasing…



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