Management Research News: Volume 7 Issue 4


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Flexibility and Integration at the Workplace

Michael Cross

The need to change the span and quality of competencies of a company's human resources to match the requirements of the market and new technologies has resulted in a need to…

Interactive Marketing — The Japanese Approach

Peter Turnbull, Teruhisa Yamada

The interactive marketing strategies based on the “team approaches” or collective “organisation approaches” of Japanese companies have greatly contributed to the success of Japan…

Supplier Selection Criteria for Different Industrial Goods

David D. Shipley

The study's purpose was to update and extend the existing knowledge about industrial vendor selection criteria. The components of four sets of choice variables are described and…

The Decision Style Inventory : O.D. Applications

James D. Boulgarides

The use of the Decision Styles Inventory (DSI) is described in two different organisational development contexts. The first was at the organisational level, while the second was…

Six Myths About Strategy Making : And What To Do About Them

Gerry Johnson, Kevan Scholes

Whereas analytic tools and techniques have an important part to play in the development of strategies within companies, they are not what strategy is about. If managers are to…

Reality Shock : What Happens When A New Job Doesn't Match Expectations

Roger A. Dean, Kenneth R. Ferris, Constantine Konstans

Reality shock occurs when a newcomer's expectations, established prior to joining the organisation, differ from what is experienced upon entering. This research is concerned with…



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