Management Research News: Volume 4 Issue 3


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Towards a Theory of Labour Market Organisation

Brian Burkitt

‘The economist, seeking to answer the most fundamental problems of union development, can get little help from the historical literature, and is largely left to his own devices…

The British Manager at the Beginning of the 80's

Roger Mansfield, Michael Poole, Paul Blyton, Paul Frost

Managers today are a very large and growing occupational group. Indeed in the most recent census for which results are available (1971) there were nearly 1.7 million managers…

MRP — Material Requirements Planning or More Ragged Progress?

William H. Hoffman

MRP is the ‘only way to go’ in industries characterised by batch production of broad and complex product lines. A mixture of standards and specials, common parts, and standard…

Looking at Trainer Effectiveness

Tad Leduchowicz

“Articles have been written, and will continue to be published, about the variety of methods and techniques available to the trainer and the new technologies which relate to the…

A Vehicle Routing Algorithm

Geoff Buxey

The Vehicle Scheduling Problem (VSP) is to assign specific routes to a fleet of delivery vehicles so that management's standards of operational efficiency and customer service are…

Structural Unemployment and Job Creation: A Case Study from the Western Isles of Scotland

J.I. Prattis

The general problem of structural unemployment has evoked three types of theoretical responses from the body politic of social science. The most ambiguous and least developed set…



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