Management Research News: Volume 4 Issue 1


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Export Marketing

Present day literature on the general topic of export planning for international markets appears to be a repetition of standard works. It does not seem to be geared to the needs…

Leadership — a Re‐Examination of the Concept and an Investigation of the Nature of Managers' Interpersonal Skills

Beverly Alban Metcalfe

In spite of more than half a decade of leadership research, surprisingly little real progress has been made in our understanding of the concept. The explanation of this would…

Computer‐Aided Management: A Smaller Firm Perspective

Peter Thornton, Mike Waddington

Instability and increasingly rapid change are both features of the contemporary business environment. They are a reality with which all members of the business community…

Shop Stewards' Attitudes towards Joint Consultation

Paul Blyton

This article summarises the findings of a study which examined the attitudes and perceptions of shop stewards towards their joint consultation committees (JCCs). A brief review is…

Strategic Decision Making in British Organisations

G.R. Mallory, David C. Wilson

Central to the concerns of management and to writers of organisation theory are the considerations of strategic decision making. The Organisational Analysis Research Unit, in the…

Tourism Modelling

Stephen F. Witt

The ‘causal model’ approach to business forecasting attempts to discover, mainly on the basis of economic knowledge, those variables which appear to have influenced the forecast…

Capital Budgeting and Corporate Performance

Richard Pike

Capital budgeting is, perhaps, best defined as the art of finding assets that are worth more than they cost. Nothing is easier in concept or harder in practical application. An…

Predicting Staff Turnover

Martin Knapp, Kostas Harissis, Spyros Missiakoulis

The rate at which staff change jobs has long posed a serious problem for employers in the private and public sectors. Generally speaking, staff turnover breaks the stability…




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