Management Research News: Volume 32 Issue 4


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Size, structure and change implementation: An empirical comparison of small and large organizations

Matthew W. Ford

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate competing views of whether organization size creates conditions of rigidity or fluidity with respect to adaptation and change, this study…


Entrepreneurial management, entrepreneurial orientation and Turkish small firm growth

Gülruh Gürbüz, Sinem Aykol

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation (EO) and entrepreneurial management (EM) and their impact on small firm growth. EO…


What's your preference?: An exploratory examination of the effect of human vs ATM vs online interactions on overall consumer satisfaction with banking services

Diana L. Haytko, Christina S. Simmers

The purpose of this paper is to explore the effects of human interaction versus interactions with technology in overall customer satisfaction with banking services, specifically…


The effects of physicians’ communication satisfaction and their perceptions of empowerment on their likelihood to recommend a hospital to their peers: A mixed method study

Thomas P. Loughman, Robin L. Snipes, Jennifer P. Pitts

The purpose of this paper is to examine factors that may contribute to physicians’ dissatisfaction with their work environment, and subsequently, their likelihood to recommend a…


The role of experiences in creating and developing intellectual capital

Noel J. Pearse

The purpose of this paper is to explore the role of organisational, relational and individual experiences in the creation and development of intellectual capital.


Codes of ethics: A comparison of the attitudes of future managers in China and the USA

Spero C. Peppas, Tyler T. Yu

The purpose of this paper is to examine attitudes of undergraduate and graduate business students in China and the USA with regard to business codes of ethics.


Applying Merton's theory of anomia to career disruptions

Michaeline Skiba, Donald R. Smith, Kimball P. Marshall

Taking an innovative theoretical approach, the purpose of this paper is to apply Merton's theory of anomia as personal reactions to social disruptions to white‐collar worker…



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