Management Research News: Volume 32 Issue 11


Table of contents - Special Issue: Humanitarian logistics

Guest Editors: Peter H. Tatham, Karen M. Spens, David Taylor

Theory development in humanitarian logistics: a framework and three cases

Marianne Jahre, Leif‐Magnus Jensen, Tore Listou

There is a need for theory development within the field of humanitarian logistics to understand logistics needs in different stages of a crisis and how to meet these. This paper…


Volatility, unpredictability and asymmetry: An organising framework for humanitarian logistics operations?

Alan Carroll, Jens Neu

This paper aims to develop the tentative hypothesis that common effective dynamics generate asymmetry volatility and unpredictability in the business, military and humanitarian…


Logistics performance management in action within a humanitarian organization

Sabine F. Schulz, Ian Heigh

The purpose of this paper is to share the design and testing procedure of the “Development Indicator Tool” – a tool developed by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red…


Not‐for‐profit supply chains in interrupted environments: The case of a faith‐based humanitarian relief organisation

Ron McLachlin, Paul D. Larson, Soaleh Khan

This paper primarily aims to address the following research question: Are techniques and practices developed for uninterrupted, for‐profit supply chains adaptable to the…


Maintenance and spare parts inventories in man‐made humanitarian disasters

Bernt E. Tysseland

The purpose of this paper is to determine how a small country's military force and a small country's non‐governmental organization (NGO) plan for and set up equipment maintenance…


Advocacy to promote logistics in humanitarian aid

Michael C. Whiting, Beatriz E. Ayala‐Öström

This paper aims to examine some of the more effective means of advocacy focused on promoting the unique role of logistics in the delivery of much needed humanitarian aid, and…




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