Management Research News: Volume 31 Issue 9


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A preliminary review of competitive reactions in the hip‐hop music industry: Black American entrepreneurs in a new industry

Vickie Cox Edmondson

The aim of this paper is to explore the entry and success of hip‐hop entrepreneurs in the music industry and identify the competitive reactions of well‐established firms within…


Convergent interviewing: a qualitative diagnostic technique for researchers

Denise M. Jepsen, John J. Rodwell

This paper aims to widen knowledge of and explore how convergent interviewing can be used to identify key issues within an organization.


Inventory management in small and medium enterprises: A study of machine tool enterprises in Bangalore

N. Rajeev

The purpose of this paper is to provide guidelines for entrepreneurs for implementing effective inventory management (IM) practices and presents the results of a survey of machine…


A comprehensive study on profits and sustainable competitive advantages

Pablo Gonzalo Ramirez, Toyohiko Hachiya

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate which strategic resources or industry structural conditions help firms build up a competitive advantage and sustain it over time.


Strategic human resource management and knowledge workers: A case study of professional service firms

Stephen T.T. Teo, Bhavini Lakhani, David Brown, Teemu Malmi

The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of adopting a strategic approach to human resource management (HRM) in professional service firms (PSFs). It provides the…


National culture and innovation capability: some observations concerning Chinese‐Americans

Yim‐Yu Wong, André M. Everett, Joel D. Nicholson

The purpose of this paper is to review the literature and discuss the relations between national culture, national subcultures and innovation based on three perspectives…




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