Management Research News: Volume 31 Issue 10


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The leader as motivator: coach and self‐esteem builder

Patricia Ann Castelli

The purpose of this paper is to determine what motivating strategies followers (comprised of low and high need achievers) view as most necessary from their leaders.


Policy variations of multinational enterprises' labor practices in China

Kenichiro Chinen, Ruth L. Wang, Chiang Wang

Supporters of globalization highlight a major increase in the standard of living for many workers in China while critics argue that the amazing economic growth has led to an…


A small company's dilemma: using search engines effectively for corporate sales

Kristin Kennedy, Bonnie Brayton Kennedy

Smaller companies must continually review the pay‐per‐click (PPC) option or an organic listing on search engines. The purpose of this paper is to present a case study of a small…


Technology as a driver for changing customer‐provider interfaces: Evidence from industrial service production

Christian Kowalkowski, Per‐Olof Brehmer

The purpose of this paper is to explore how information and communication technology (ICT) is affecting and driving changes in the service processes and customer interfaces of…


Challenges in enhancing enterprise resource planning systems for compliance with Sarbanes‐Oxley Act and analogous Canadian legislation

Vinod Kumar, Raili Pollanen, Bharat Maheshwari

This paper aims to examine major challenges faced by companies in enhancing their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for compliance with regulatory internal control…


Personality and negotiation revisited: toward a cognitive model of dyadic negotiation

Zhenzhong Ma

The purpose of this paper is to review the studies of personality and negotiation and argues that the relationship between personality and negotiation is worth re‐examination and…




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