Management Research News: Volume 30 Issue 4


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Factors explaining debt capacity

Gregg S. Woodruff

The purpose of this paper is to provide empirical support for micro‐economic theory respecting debt capacity and develop a practically useful model for assessing debt capacity for…


Senior managers’ business knowledge in a transition economy

Kassa Woldesenbet, John Storey, Graeme Salaman

To explore senior managers’ knowledge and thinking about strategy and organisational capabilities, and developments of both during a time of transition.

Learning histories: spanning the great divide

Robert Parent, Joanne M. Roch, Julie Béliveau

The purpose of this paper is to suggest the use of a new action research methodology, the learning history, to study knowledge transfer initiatives.


Strategic decision‐making in the healthcare industry: the effects of physician executives on decision outcomes

Satyanarayana Parayitam, Lonnie D. Phelps, Bradley J. Olson

Research on strategic decision‐making has emphasized the importance of team decision‐making as it brings the benefits of synergy. Literature on healthcare is silent on the role of…


Emerging strategic people management of coalmines in Central Queensland

Connie Zheng, Lee Di Milia, John Rolfe, Phil Bretherton

The aim of this paper is to set a research agenda which will explore the link between strategic human resource management (HRM) and business performance of the coal industry in…




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