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Lordstown Revisited: Whatever Happened to those Blue‐collar Blues?

John Child

“I'll never go back to that zoo!” exclaimed the General Motors Assembly Division's Vice‐President of Manufacturing. He had just toured the Lordstown plant, where he had come under…

In Working Order but not Always Working! Industrial Discipline as a Continuing Problem

E.O. Evans

One of the central tasks of any industrialising society is the creation of a disciplined workforce for the new industrial sector. By this is meant (given recruitment) the…

The Non‐Optimality of Equal Commission Rates in Multi‐Product Salesforce Compensation Schemes

V. Srinivasan

The use of commissions in salesforce compensation plans continues to be popular according to a recent survey (Steinbrink 1978) which indicated that 70% of the companies surveyed…

An Investigation of the Equal Commission Rate Policy for a Multi‐Product Sales Force

V. Srinivasan

A number of researchers have examined the problem of designing a commission rate structure for a multi‐product salesforce in such a way that it is jointly optimal for both the…

Technological Innovation and Industrial Relations in the UK

Albert Mok

The main issue in the labour markets of the 1980s will be technological innovation and its consequences. About this I propose to ask four questions.

Technical Change, Manufacturing Organisation and Labour Markets

Arndt Sorge

A wave of discussion about the consequences of recent technical change has come to sweep industrialised countries. The topic is mainly the development, production, and use of…

The Myth of Technology and Industrial Science

Michael Fores

Any group, such as that which comprises the creators and the readers of English‐speaking social science, which opts to use an idea like “technology” for the technical functions of…

Objective Dependability Evaluation Criteria

David Andrews

The use of PADIS for policy formulation was discussed in MRN Vol. 3, No. 2, May 1980, (q.v.).

Administrative Research on Job Creation in Mixed Economies: A Swedish Case

Benny Hjern, Kjell Lundmark

Recently, Sweden has been confronted with a high and persistent rate of unemployment. In some Swedish regions this is a rather new experience. In earlier recessions they had…

The New Employment Effect of Direct Job Creation Programmes

Lauri J. Bassi

Expansion of direct job creation programs in the public sector was one of the major components of the 1977 Economic Stimulus Package in the United States. The Public Service…

Changes in the Social Position of Professional Occupations

John Child, Janet Fulk Schriesheim

The position of professions within society has long been a subject of great interest and controversy among sociologists. Currently, however, the social position of professions…



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