Management Research News: Volume 3 Issue 2


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Hits and Flops in Media Selection

Hermann Simon, Michael Thiel

The media selection problem is characterised by a classical economic structure: a limited resource, the advertising budget, is to be allocated to alternate uses, the media, so…

Why Workers Want Unions

Henry S. Farber, Daniel H. Saks

Why is it that some workers want unions to represent them and other workers do not? The question is basic to our understanding of union growth and behaviour. The answer must…

Organisational Environments and Organisational Design

Roger Mansfield

Most comparative research on organisational structure has tended to examine the relationships between very broad conceptualisations of general dimensions of both structures and of…


What do the British want from Participation and Industrial Democracy?

Frank Heller, Malcolm Wilders, Peter Abell, Malcolm Warner

Employees in Britain have a remarkably low level of involvement in decisions that affect their working lives, but they do want a greater say in those decisions.

The Managerial Rating of Supervisory Performance

John Child

There is general agreement that it is extremely difficult to assess the performance of first‐line supervisors. One problem is that supervisors do not normally produce or process…

Class Perceptions and Social Identification of Industrial Supervisors

John Child, Sandra Pearce, Lisa King

This verse, dating back some fifty years, illustrates how it used to be possible for someone being promoted to a supervisory position to perceive that he was crossing a major…

Influence and Responsibilities of First Line Supervisors

B.E. Partridge

The poor economic performance of British industry has attracted considerable public attention. Part, at least of this poor performance can be attributed to the low status of…

Ramblings in the Epistemology of Management

Karl‐Erik Wärneryd

A dictionary definition of management says that it is the “judicious use of means to accomplish an end” (Webster). An alternative definition which may be found in textbooks is…

The Realities of Management Research and its Funding

George Tolley, Morris Brodie

We are familiar with the wringing of hands and beating of breasts about the state of British industry. There is much to be concerned and fearful about. A prime and vital national…



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