Management Research News: Volume 3 Issue 1


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Utilising Management Research

Roger Bennett

The study tour on which this report is based resulted from a concern with problems and issues in the application of research, more particularly from the process of developing an…

Objectives and Attitudes in Management Research

Roger Bennett

A common feature of much research carried out in academic institutions is that it reflects more the interests of the researchers than it does the needs, concerns and problems of…

Formal Method in Policy Formulation

David Andrews

Three characteristics of policy formulation identify it is an exercise in design:

New Product Development and the Venture Concept

M.H. Oakley, W.H. Jones

Industrial venture systems have been devised and implemented for many years, but examination of the literature dealing with the concept shows a lack of consistency of definition…

R & D funding in US to reach $61.8 billion in 1980

Expenditures in the calendar year 1980 for research and development in the United States are expected to reach $61.8 billion, according to the annual forecast of Battelle's…

Technology to Help Public Sector Performance

Technology can improve public service performance and delivery, but it must be applied with careful attention to the people who will be involved in the changes it will produce.

Teenage Unemployment and Relative Wage Adjustment in the United States

Larry C. Morse

Current interest in the problems that confront teenagers in the labour market has been stimulated by the high and increasing unemployment of this group during the present decade…

A Picture of Male Unemployment in Britain

S.J. Nickell

Some Policies to Overcome the Inequitable Distribution of Unemployment Having gained some insight into the structure of unemployment it is worth comenting briefly on some of the…

Concepts of Effectiveness and Inferred worth and their Application in Social Service Resource Allocation Models

R.C. Prentice

This paper considers the problem of including “objectives” in a resouce allocation planning model for personal social services. Essentially, are models to be built containing…

Business Opportunities of Electronic Mail

Future business opportunities associated with electronics mail will be examined in a group sponsored research program recently begun at Battelle's Columbus Laboratories. According…



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