Management Research News: Volume 29 Issue 8


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Effective management of the information technology function

Patrick V. Jaska, Patrick T. Hogan

The purpose of this study is to determine the extent to which line managers in manufacturing companies value six attributes related to business knowledge and competence in their…


Evaluating the market reaction to UK divestitures

Jack Cao, Sian Owen, Alfred Yawson

To determine whether the abnormal returns accruing to UK companies undertaking a divestiture are different when the unit sold is in the UK or elsewhere and to specifically…

Organizational responses and adaptations after 9‐11

Amy E. Hurley‐Hanson

The purpose of this paper is to explore whether organizations have increased their crisis response planning in response to the terrorist attacks of 9‐11. While organizations were…


Measures of training costs in Australia

Benoit Freyens

To evaluate past and recent research on the costs of training human resources in Australia and to compare the merits of different research methods used to measure these costs. The…


System dynamics approach for change management in new product development

Lewlyn L.R. Rodrigues, N. Dharmaraj, B.R. Shrinivasa Rao

New product development (NPD) project is an organizational competitiveness strategic weapon. Yet, many NPDs projects fail due to the dynamic nature of critical success factors…




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