Management Research News: Volume 29 Issue 5


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Managerial perceptions on volume flexible strategies and performance in health care services

Eric P. Jack, Thomas L. Powers

The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of volume flexible strategies on organizational performance in academic medical centers (AMCs). Volume flexible strategies…


Non‐parametric assessment of CEO compensation practices

James J. Cordeiro, Pracheta Mukherjee, D. Donald Kent

The purpose of this research is to present an alternative to the vast majority of studies on chief executive officer (CEO) compensation practices in the USA which have relied on…


Single startup's failure to reshape individual/institutional memories to create a pen computer world: Memory management disequilibria dimensions (MD)2 protocol

George K. Chacko

The singular success of Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. in rescuing IBM from dismemberment and destruction in terms of his shifting the institutional memory of 300,000 employees from…

ERP investment analysis using the strategic alignment model

Adrien Presley

To develop a model to assist in the analysis of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems based upon a validated approach to aligning information systems with enterprise…


Relationship between leadership power bases and job stress of subordinates: example from boutique hotels

Hakan V. Erkutlu, Jamel Chafra

To examine the influence of leadership power bases on subordinates’ job stress at boutique hotels.




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