Management Research News: Volume 29 Issue 1/2


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Borneo online banking: evaluating customer perceptions and behavioural intention

Petrus Guriting, Nelson Oly Ndubisi

Adopting the technology acceptance model, this research examines the factors that determine intention to use online banking in Malaysia Borneo. Perceived ease of use and perceived…


Consumer attitudes, system's characteristics and internet banking adoption in Malaysia

Nelson Oly Ndubisi, Queenie Sinti

This paper examines the determinant structure of customers’ attitude system's characteristics on adoption of internet banking (IB) by Malaysian bank customers.


Awareness and usage of promotional tools by Malaysian consumers: the case of low involvement products

Nelson Oly Ndubisi, Chew Tung Moi

To evaluate the awareness and behaviours of Malaysian consumers towards sales promotional tools such as, coupons, price discount, free samples, bonus packs, and in‐store display…


Colour and product choice: a study of gender roles

Debby Funk, Nelson Oly Ndubisi

Research in to how colour can stimulate interest and subsequently increase the appeal power of products. There has been very little or no research in the colour‐impact domain in…


Family structure and joint purchase decisions: two products analysis

Nelson Oly Ndubisi, Jenny Koo

Addresses the impact of family structure on joint purchase decisions of Malaysian spouses for the following products: furniture, vacation, and aggregate or overall products (a…


Complaint behaviour of Malaysian consumers

Nelson Oly Ndubisi, Tam Yin Ling

To examine the post dissatisfaction behaviour of Malaysian consumers vis‐à‐vis their complaint behaviour and defection. Specifically, the relationship between public complaint…




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