Management Research News: Volume 28 Issue 8


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Creating New Corporate Memories to Reinvent IBM

George K. Chacko

The dominating role of corporate memory/corporate culture in instituting/impeding dramatic changes is highlighted in the first‐person narrative of Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. of his…


Learning: The Secret to the Art of War

Roland K. Yeo

Organisational survival in these volatile times is akin to the understanding of the organisation’s external environment, outsmarting its competitors and leveraging on its…


Daily Variation, Capital Market Efficiency and Predicting Stock Market Returns

Jeffrey E. Jarrett, Eric Kyper

Studies of capital market efficiency are important because they infer that there are predictable properties of the time series of prices of traded securities on organised markets…


How to Write Job Descriptions Effectively

Marie Gan, Brian H. Kleiner

A job description can best be thought of as a blue print of the position. It outlines the essential duties and responsibilities that are expected of the employee and the basic…


Brand and Club Alliances: Manchester United and Britannia Building Society

Jennifer Rowley

Britannia Building Society has launched a collec tion of financial services products in partnership with Manchester United Football Club. Other products have also been launched…


Managing and Regulating Red Light Districts in British Cities

Peter Jones, Daphne Comfort, David Hillier, Pe ter Shears

Red light districts have long been a traditional feature of many British cities, but the last two to three years has witnessed growing interest in and policy debate concerning the…



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