Management Research News: Volume 28 Issue 2/3


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Compensation management of commissioned sales employees

Christopher J. Shipley, Brian H. Kleiner

The purpose of this article is to recognise the different types of compensation programmes for commissioned sales employees and to establish ways to manage these programmes in an…


Defining employee dishonesty

Ying Wang, Brian H. Kleiner

The major forms of employee dishonesty include: top management fraud, worker’s compensation fraud, and employee’s lying and theft. This article will focus on discussing these…


The role of California’s department of industrial relations

Nhat Thanh Tam Nguyen, Brian H. Kleiner

The purpose of this article is to define the role of California’s Department of Industrial Relations as well as its division in improving the effectiveness of a union management…

An overview of CAL/OSHA requirements

Diane Burton, Brian H. Kleiner

Cal/OSHA, federally approved in 1973, has set standards on California’s occupational safety and health. Cal/OSHA requirements can be separated into the distinct sections of record…


Effective human resource management of school districts

John Thompson, Brian H. Kleiner

This article addresses many essential ongoing school district human resource issues; however the central focus is on the extraordinary actions that make human resource management…


Issues and concerns facing American companies in the Middle East

Saif Saleh, Brian H. Kleiner

This article tries to examine concerns and opportunities that American companies may face in the Middle East. American companies and managers should have a better understanding of…


New developments in industry hygiene

Khemawat Atthayuwat, Brian H. Kleiner

The field of industrial hygiene is very broad because it includes all kinds of occupational hazards in all industries. There are a lot of new things emerging every year due to…

Effective franchise management

Saif Saleh, Brian H. Kleiner

This article tries to address some of the issues managers face in franchise systems; the use of high tech systems and marketing. Using these two tools in the best way possible is…


How to write a proper Internet usage policy

Brad Welebir, Brian H. Kleiner

Increased usage of the Internet at work has prompted organisations to write Internet Usage Policies to establish appropriate use. This article addresses the main components of an…


The duties of a Chief Executive Officer

Grace Wibowo, Brian H. Kleiner

This article deals with what a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) actually does in the company. The purpose is to describe CEOs, illustrate the CEOs’ duties, and provide a conclusion…


Effective human resource management in the entertainment industry

Nguyen Hoai Anh, Brian H. Kleiner

This article focuses on the human resource management of the amusement and theme park industry which has been growing significantly over the last decade. To be successful in the…


Can a good company achieve greatness?

Brian Barbe, Brian H. Kleiner

There have been several books written on how the great companies became great. Jim Collins, in his book Good to Great, adds a new twist when he attempts to find out if a company…

Management of operations in the snack industry

Fernando Pineda, Brian H. Kleiner

This article examines the components of management operations in the snack industry. The snack industry generates about $21 billion annually in retail sales in the United States…


Effective management of pension plans

David Staab, Brian H. Kleiner

The scope of pension plan management is very wide. There are many different meanings to the term pension plan, which varies vastly from self‐directed plans such as individual…


How to distinguish between independent contractors and employees

J. Luis Fragoso, Brian H. Kleiner

The purpose of this report is to help the reader understand the difference between independent contractors and employees. Employers use independent contractors for many reasons…




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