Management Research News: Volume 28 Issue 10


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Replacing/rebuilding individual/institutional memories to create a wireless world

George K. Chacko

Wireless communication, comprising telecommunication industry products and services which move voice, video, data, and graphics at the speed of the electron, is the back bone of…


Layout strategies for retail operations: A case study

Seyed‐Mahmoud Aghazadeh

The purpose of this study was to research retail layout of a local super market. The five concepts of retail layout were used to determine if the super market was achieving an…


Corporate social responsibility as a means of marketing to and communicating with customers within stores: A case study of UK food retailers

Peter Jones, Daphne Comfort, David Hillier

In making the case for Corporate Social Responsibility the UK Government has argued that more transparency in the ways that companies address and manage environmental, economic…


New developments concerning corporate communications

Nan Huang, Brian H. Kleiner

To meet the challenges of global competition, American managers are forcing to re think the way they do business and reā€evaluate the way they communicate. Effective corporate…


Proper solution of circularity in the interactions of corporate financing and investment decisions: A reply to the financing present value approach

Ignacio Vélez‐Pareja, Joseph Tham

It is a well known problem the interactions between the market value of cash flows and the discount rate (usually the weighted average cost of capital, WACC) to calculate that…




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