Management Research News: Volume 27 Issue 8/9


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INFOSYS: new game, new rules: a case study

George K. Chacko

Case Studies generally ask: (1) What accounts for the success/failure of this real‐life “Case” (Corporation, Government or Organization)?; (2) How can we transport the lessons…


Expatriation experiences of Chinese immigrants in New Zealand: factors contributing to adjustment of older immigrants

Christopher Selvarajah

This seminal research investigates the adaptation experiences of elderly dependent Chinese immigrants who have come to New Zealand under the Family Reunion Category between 1994…

Radio frequency identification in retailing and privacy and public policy issues

Peter Jones, Colin Clarke‐Hill, Daphne Comfort, David Hillier, Peter Shears

Outlines the characteristics of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and shows the growth of retail interest in the technology’s introduction in the UK. Discusses…


The dynamics of concentration and inequality in Spanish industries (1990‐2001)

Alfredo Martinez Bobillo, Miguel A. Fernández Temprano, Fernando Tejerina Gaite

This study develops a systematic analysis of the concentration and inequality levels of 20 Spanish industries over the period 1990‐2001. The methodology traced is based on the use…

The potential for market timing abuse for mutual funds investing in the United Kingdom

Phillip W. Balsmeier, James S. Broussard

The current and ongoing controversy that has come to be known as the “Mutual Fund Scandal of 2003” was based in large part on abusive market timing activities that were allowed to…

Executive compensation in internet‐related businesses

Mei H. Chen, Brian H. Kleiner

This article discusses the pay packages of executive officers at internetrelated business. Generally, the executives’ total compensation include salary, bonuses, commissions…


E‐commerce in the pharmaceutical industry: threshold of innovation

Rama Prasad Kanungo

In the last two decades application of E‐commerce is evolving from technology driven to more user driven. Thus E‐commerce has become synonymous with communication, strategy and…




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