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This article has been withdrawn as it was published elsewhere and accidentally duplicated. The original article can be seen here: 10.1108/01409179810781482. When citing the…


New development concerning the effect of work overload on employees

Kim Fong, Brian H. Kleiner

Downsizing is a process to make a company more efficient and costeffective by eliminating nonvalue‐added work processes and people. Unfortunately, it has become a common business…


How to read non verbal communication in organisations

John Larson, Brian H. Kleiner

Highlights non‐verbal communication, crediting it with being a major contribution to communication processes of human beings. Focuses on the non‐verbal messages pervading business…


The use of options in compensation packages

Jeffrey A. Williamson, Brian H. Kleiner

Stock options, once exclusive to executives, are now becoming more broad based to include middle management and non‐management employees. In 2000 an estimated 10 million workers’…


Stress management: stressors, diagnosis, and preventative measures

Robert E. Raitano, Brian H. Kleiner

Stress management is a continuous process of monitoring, diagnosing, and prevention of excessive stressors that adversely affects employees, managers, and productivity. These…


New developments concerning the Orange County employee retirement law

Saundra K. Morelos, Brian H. Kleiner

The County Employees Retirement Law of 1937 paved the way for employer‐sponsored retirement programmes to be created. One such programme is the Orange County Employees Retirement…


Drug testing in the workplace

Ying‐Tzu Lu, Brian H. Kleiner

Looks at drug use (and testing for it) in the workplace, and how it affects businesses. States, although drug users affect fellow workers through accidents at work, the non‐users…


New developments concerning managing mergers and acquisitions

Christine T.W. Huang, Brian H. Kleiner

Posits most mergers and acquisitions deals still face many challenges. States several studies show that cultural incompatibility is always rated as the biggest barrier against…


Effective franchise management

Theeranuch Luangsuvimol, Brian H. Kleiner

States that franchising has grown into a dynamic and mature business activity, with varying types of public recognition. Looks at what types of franchise are available and gives…


Effective management in the food industry

Joyce Leung, Brian H. Kleiner

Contends that effective management is crucial for the food industry in the USA, in anticipating forthcoming changes, also to respond to people’s ever changing needs and demands…


When to issue the company stock

Jirawat Akkranupornpong, Brian H. Kleiner

States that shareholders, as owners of the company, have a right to claim on a portion of the future profits of the business. Lists seven points given advantages of issuing stock…


Effective human resource management in employment agencies

Liou Cai, Brian H. Kleiner

Recognizes that the employment service is an industry in which the employment agency is now more than just a service – it is now a business. Acknowledges that human resource…


Effective employment screening practices

Jund‐Ming Wang, Brian H. Kleiner

Contends that an employer must reduce his risk, and that therefore choosing the right employee is important for this. An effective employee screening practice helps employers to…


How to hire employees effectively

Yei‐Fang Lin, Brian H. Kleiner

The selection process involves mutual decision making. The organisation decides whether or not to make a job offer and how attractive the offer should be. The job candidate…


New developments concerning benefits and retirement plans

Tracy L. Meneses, Brian H. Kleiner

The average American works for the majority of his or her adult lifetime. During those years there is a steady stream of income to keep up with living expenses. Most people look…


A practical guide to workplace reduction

Andrew Simone, Brian H. Kleiner

Now, more than ever, companies are taking part in workforce reductions. There are many names it can go by – reduction in force, downsizing, right sizing, eliminating redundancy…




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