Management Research News: Volume 27 Issue 10


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Safety and customer service: contemporary practices in diversity, organizational development and training and development in the global civil aviation industry

Steven H. Appelbaum, Brenda M. Fewster

The commercial aviation industry is an extremely competitive, safetysensitive high technology service industry. Socio‐technical systems, employees and customers must be the arenas…


The effects of class size on effectiveness of online courses

William Drago, Jimmy Peltier

This study sought to determine the effect of class size on the evaluation of teaching effectiveness for on‐line courses using a standard student evaluation survey instrument. The…


A forensic analysis of business scandals: charges against scandalous companies

Vernon P. Dorweiler, Mehenna Yakhou

The term “scandal” has been associated with business, in both the business press and the general press. The main emphasis is in U.S. business, although other countries and…

Determining exempt and non‐exempt status in the fast food industry

Jennifer Mueller, Brian H. Kleiner

The Fair Labour Standards Act is a law that determines whether an employee is considered exempt or non‐exempt. Non‐exempt employees are eligible for overtime pay (time and a half…


The impact of western education on future Chinese Asian managers

Susan Curtis, Wenwen Lu

Recounts that in‐depth structured interviews were held with 17 masters students (studying Business Management or Marketing Management), including students from China, Taiwan, Hong…

Understanding the ethical decisions and behaviours of Hong Kong business managers: an implication for business ethics education

Che‐fai Lam

Posits that Western business schools have placed significant emphasis on business ethics, and many have made this topic a compulsory part of their curricula. Reckons the failure…




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