Management Research News: Volume 26 Issue 6


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A comparison of test marketing practices of large and small consumer goods manufacturing firms

Bhagaban Panigrahi, Fred O. Ede, Stephen Calcich

Data collected from 202 large and 92 small consumer goods manufacturing firms were analysed to examine the perceptions and experiences of these companies with test marketing as…


Managing the geography of street trading in the UK: a case study of local authority regulation

Peter Jones, Daphne Comfort, David Hillier

Acknowledges there is an increasing recognition that corporate retail power is the driving force for the supply chain. States a variety of large shopping developments in out of…


CEO compensation and healthcare organisation performance

Kevin J. Sigler

Posits that most studies have found a significant, yet weak, link between the compensation of the CEO and the company’s performance. Herein extends research by focusing on an…


Management and development: the training programmes for small and micro enterprises in Palestinian Territories

Mohammed I. Al‐Madhoun, Farhad Analoui

The economy of the Palestinian Territories (PT) is small, poorly developed, and highly dependent on Israel; at the same time, the land is limited, Israel controls 80‐85 per cent…


New developments concerning workplace safety training: managing stress arising from work

Teodor Pretrus, Brian H. Kleiner

Balancing the demands of work and family life becomes more difficult and complex. Every week an estimated 95 million Americans suffer a stressrelated problem and take medication…


Attitudes toward codes of ethics: the effects of corporate misconduct

Spero C. Peppas

Recent news of corporate misconduct at Arthur Andersen, Enron, WorldCom, etc., has focused attention on ethics in business. Government, business, educational institutions, as well…




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