Management Research News: Volume 26 Issue 5


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The 20% solution?: a case study on the efficacy of reverse auctions

Andrew Stein, Paul Hawking, David C. Wyld

In the late 1990’s, online B2B auctions were proliferating and were being adopted in a wide variety of circumstances. The reverse auction tool has evolved to take advantage of…


From diagnostic to interactive style of management control

Miguel Martínez Ramos, Fernando Gutiérrez Hidalgo

Simons (1995) identified two main kinds of controls: diagnostic and interactive. Nevertheless he did not study the possibility of the evolution of these concepts from one kind to…


Professional wrestling – multi‐million pound soap opera of sports entertainment

J.D. Pratten

Professional wrestling is a multi‐million pound industry. Loyal fans watch events and buy merchandising. However, even the participants admit that the results are pre‐arranged…


Grounded theories of management: a methodological review

David Douglas

This article sets forth the argument that management research should take into account the complex processes of enterprise activity and the inherent contextual issues that effect…


Managing the gatekeepers: a case study of research within an Asian context

Patricia Berwick, Alfred Ogle, Philip Wright

The case study described in this paper, concerned the Macau Grande Prix. Various research objectives were formulated and it was decided to use a face‐to‐face administered…


The case for case studies in management research

Eric Patton, Steven H. Appelbaum

It is commonly asserted that qualitative research in the organizational sciences lacks the rigor and objectivity of the quantitative approach. Case studies, while commonly used…




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