Management Research News: Volume 26 Issue 2/3/4


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How to evaluate the performance of chief executive officers effectively

Brooke Anderson, Brian H. Kleiner

Observes that, while most employees in any corporation receive an evaluation of some form from a supervisor, the CEO is often overlooked in the evaluation process, as it is quite…


New developments in executive relocation practices

Kristine Rushing, Brian H. Kleiner

Looks at domestic relocation practices and how the expatriation assignments have worked out in recruitment and retention. States that both domestic and international assignment…


Hiring practices in the amusement park industry

Eliza Aragon, Brian H. Kleiner

Catalogues that the amusement/recreation industry in the USA has around 99,000 establishments, from theme parks to fitness centres and three broad groups, sports, performing arts…


New developments concerning negligent hiring in municipal governments

Jiang Zhao, Brian H. Kleiner

Focuses on a lack of reasonable care in the employment selection process leading to litigation in the human resources field in the USA. Uses sample cases to show neglect in these…


New developments concerning the covenant of good faith and fair dealing

Jeffrey A. Williamson, Brian H. Kleiner

Discusses public policy exceptions for the majority (43 out of 50) of states in the USA, as against at‐will employment. Lists the 11 states that recognise good faith and fair…


The relationship between grades and career success

Raffy Afarian, Brian H. Kleiner

Emphasizes the two most common measures that are defined, as career successes herein are higher earnings and job advancement. Uses various studies to emphasize that generally…


The effect of downsizing on morale and attrition

Nantaporn Makawatsakul, Brian H. Kleiner

Concentrates on downsizing, the modern term for redundancy, which is, of course, no longer a short‐term “fix”. Notes that massive downsizing creates more problems than it solves …


How to manage unpaid volunteers in organisations

Sunney Shin, Brian H. Kleiner

Discusses the necessary tools for effectively managing unpaid volunteers, with a focus on motivation. Emphasizes there are three volunteer types: spot volunteer, casual and…


Electronic surveillance in the workplace

Samantha Lee, Brian H. Kleiner

Spotlights on the conflict between employees and employers over electronic surveillance and the workplace. Stresses that between the help that advanced technology has aided firms…


How organisations manage the issue of employee privacy today

Carolyn Mei‐Sha Chieh, Brian H. Kleiner

Tackles how new technology has made monitoring of employees by employers possible. Looks at how the privacy law has attempted to balance two basic interests, as it has developed…


New developments concerning employee benefits and pensions

Tylor Garacci, Brian H. Kleiner

Posits that US companies are now recognising the challenge of holding on to qualified workers and making life as comfortable as possible, to keep these “assets” on board. States…


The downsized workplace

Marc Beylerian, Brian H. Kleiner

Argues that although downsizing and mass lay‐offs are a plague, they do not only affect US companies but also other areas in the industrialized world. Stresses they ruin morale…


The HAY System of compensation

Craig Skenes, Brian H. Kleiner

Charts the Hay Group’s Compensation Guide for Chart‐profile Method of Job Evaluation, in the early 1950s. Looks at the factors involved and itemizes three factor classifications…


Excellence at Toyota motor manufacturing in the United States

Samsong Fang, Brian H. Kleiner

Spotlights the Toyota automobile company and its status as the third largest car producer, in addition to being the fifth largest industrial company in the world. Concentrates on…


New developments concerning pesticide laws

Jennifer Short, Brian H. Kleiner

Quantifies the US Federal Government’s stance on pesticides and the prosecution of the laws governing their use. Discusses the Health and Society laws regarding pesticides and the…


Trends in ethics education at US colleges and universities

John R. Farnsworth, Brian H. Kleiner

Concentrates on ethics, leadership and responsibility in the business world in the USA today. Looks at how distrust in the workplace has increased for workers, which breeds…

New developments concerning academic grievances

Eric J. Miklas, Brian H. Kleiner

Explores some of the causes of conflict in academia, some examples of conflict, and finally what attempts to deal with conflict are being made. Lists and discusses the main causes…


New developments concerning wages and hours in the restaurant industry

Andrea Chuang, Brian H. Kleiner

Segments the US restaurant business as quick service and drive‐in, and goes on to discuss each of these components in more detail. Elaborates on employee costs, showing these rise…


New developments concerning negligent hiring in public schools

Mark J. Dorris, Brian H. Kleiner

Chronicles what “due care” is and how it applies in the public school area of the USA. Highlights a New York Supreme Court case with regard to an assault by a teacher on two…


Performance standards: defining quality service in community based organisations

Perry Rector, Brian H. Kleiner

Espouses the “Head Start” programme in the USA, which serves low‐income children and families through a network (in 1995) of 2,112 agencies. Shows how the Head Start programme has…


Keys to hiring employees effectively in a small business

Sharon R. Stines, Brian H. Kleiner

Maintains that although current trends are for individuals to take more personal responsibility, rather than rely on the company, there will still be a need for bosses and…


The workers’ compensation exclusivity rule and the special employer relationship

Louis Avitabile, Brian H. Kleiner

Discloses that, in 1911, the USA enacted the first voluntary workers’ compensation plan, which has since been changed and enhances so that it resembles the present day workers’…


The No‐fault attendance policy in the era of the family and medical leave act

Sandy Chough, Brian H. Kleiner

Concentrates on the “no‐fault” attendance policy and defines it as: employees to manage their absences; employers not to require reasons for absence in any form; and, based on…


Preparing and interpreting collective bargaining agreements effectively

Marc Boulanger, Brian H. Kleiner

Looks, initially, at the law that controls all collective labour negotiations in the USA, which is the National Labor Relations Act as amended. Includes a 14‐point checklist to…


New developments concerning wrongful termination

Larry Stahlhoefer, Brian H. Kleiner

Chronicles that managers and organizations are faced with unforeseen liability from situations and circumstances that have typically been standard employment practices. Discusses…


Understanding and preventing workplace retaliation

Frank Solano, Brian H. Kleiner

Showcases workplace retaliation and describes this as when an employer illegally seeks revenge on an employee who has complained of discrimination or some other, allegedly…


New legal developments concerning human resource management

Kristina Milciute, Brian H. Kleiner

Highlights that, since 1999 in the USA, employees have had the right to sue their employers for damages, thanks to a US Supreme Court decision. Itemizes, with full details, the…


How to assess credibility when conducting workplace investigations

Louis Avitabile, Brian H. Kleiner

Specifies that every manager’s “repair kit” should contain tools such as: complete and updated policy manuals; frequent performance evaluations; performance improvement plans; and…


Bias in workplace investigations and how to minimise it

Melanie A. Kastl, Brian H. Kleiner

Specifies that the vast majority of employers hire workers based on lawful criteria such as skills and qualifications, using those same criteria to promote within the…


New developments concerning the implied contract requiring good cause for termination

Bret Craw, Brian H. Kleiner

Looks at wrongful termination and in particular, three landmark cases defining this in California, USA, e.g. Pugh v. See’s Candles, Inc., 1981; Wilkerson v. Wells Fargo Bank…


New developments concerning termination in violation of public policy

Qiang Lin, Brian H. Kleiner

Looks at various forms of employee termination and the differing interpretations involved in law. Gives the steps in wrongful discharge, legal developments and organizational…




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