Management Research News: Volume 25 Issue 4


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A marketing analysis of the licensed trade

J.D. Pratten, S. Scoffield

Briefly outlines the recent history of the Licensed trade in the UK before considering what role marketing theory can play in the formulation of business response to competition…


The problem of ethics in psychological testing

James Poon Teng Fatt

States that psychological testing can be classified into several major categories and that the tremendous variance in psychological measurements makes evaluating the usefulness or…


A review of exchange rate policies and their effect upon nations and firms

Mary Beth Stanek

Discusses the way countries can operate their exchange rate policies. Covers areas such as fixed exchange rates, floating rates and pegged rates, citing the advantages and…


Globalisation, strategic co‐operation and economic integration among Islamic/Arab countries

Mosad Zineldin

The globalisation of western countries creates large forces with which to compete. States that Islamic/Arab countries often compete with each other rather than forging strong…




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1978 – 2009

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