Management Research News: Volume 25 Issue 3


Table of contents

Managing human behaviour in City Government

Raymond M. Hahn, Brian H. Kleiner

Describes management techniques under three topics, leadership, motivation of employees and orientation of new employees. Outlines 14 points to becoming a successful leader. Lists…


Managing human behaviour in County Government

Beverly D. Lofton, Brian H. Kleiner

Outlines radical changes in managerial style within the workplace with particular reference to schools. Provides a case study of the Los Angeles County office of Education and its…


Managing human behaviour in the Federal Government: the promise of integrated product teams in managing major system acquisitions

Charles Briggs, Brian H. Kleiner

Provides an example of a successful application of a private sector management theory to the Federal government, the use of what the Department of Defence calls integrated product…


Recruitment and training of public servants

Nader Baroukh, Brian H. Kleiner

Focuses on the recruitment process of individuals in public service. Argues for the need for “service‐learning” to be used as part of identifying and training people most suited…


Creating productivity in public institutions

Perry Rector, Brian H. Kleiner

Outlines the difficulties in motivating public employees. Provides suggestions to address these issues. Give guidance on conducting effective performance evaluations. Provides…


How to hire employees effectively

Erica Palazzo, Brian H. Kleiner

Provides a nine‐step process for hiring employees. Covers areas such as the job description, the application, advertising, interviewing and testing, references, the offer process…


How to compute pain and suffering

Steve Johnson, Brian H. Kleiner

Defines injury under the labor code. Outlines how to identify such a qualifying injury and the steps which must be followed. Discusses the choices of the injured worker and…


Understanding workers’ compensation

Cathy Hwang, Brian H. Kleiner

Outline the position of Workers’ compensation systems and the small role played by the state. Discusses the usual entitlement and details the five types of compensation benefit…


How to conduct job analysis effectively

I‐Wei Chang, Brian H. Kleiner

Outlines the purpose of job analysis and the way in which it is carried out. Identifies the main steps within the process and discusses each in turn. Considers job evaluation…


Orienting employees into new positions successfully

Andrew N. Sanders, Brian H. Kleiner

Outlines the common pitfalls with orientation programmes, too little, too much and conflicting information. Gives some basic principle to be followed. Cites some best practice…




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