Management Research News: Volume 24 Issue 6/7


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Technology and its impact on polychronic tome use: a research plan

Sharon Keating, Marie Murgolo‐Poore

Defines polychronic time as the consumer’s ability to do a number of things at once and explains that it has been studied by researchers in an attempt to understand how…

Exploring Taiwan’s competitive advantages: present and future

Yim‐Yu Wong, Thomas E. Maher, James Li‐Hsing Wang, Fu Long

States that competitive advantage is like a moving target, changing over time as market conditions, consumer demand and resource availability vary. Provides a case study of…


Validating Rotter’s (1966) locus of control scale with a sample of not‐for‐profit leaders

Tope Adeyemi‐Bello

Attempts to validate Rotter’s locus of control scale with a sample of religious not‐for‐profit leaders. Uses a questionnaire sent to 558 senior pastors of Arkansas Southern…


How to hire employees effectively

Bennie L. Garcia, Brian H. Kleiner

Provides a basic framework for the hiring of employees. Covers areas such as job description, method of advertising, analysis of application and references. Continues with a brief…


Market expectations of educated young Singaporeans

James Poon Teng Fatt

Suggests that young Singaporeans generally have high expectations due to the country’s recent economic success. Outlines the background of an average young Singaporean…



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