Management Research News: Volume 24 Issue 3/4


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This article has been withdrawn as it was published elsewhere and accidentally duplicated. The original article can be seen here: 10.1108/00438029710162953. When citing the…


Fundamentals of material requirements planning

Cary M. Wong, Brian H. Kleiner

Outlines the concept of material requirements planning (MRP), showing how the tool offers management the capability to identify the products that were actually going to be…


Global trends in managing innovation and quality

Vincent C. Liu, Brian H. Kleiner

Looks at the success of total quality management (TQM) and the principles of completeness. Considers the quality requirements and the performance standards as essential factors…


New developments in creating cycle time reduction

Ying‐Ni Chen, Brian H. Kleiner

States that reduction in this period of time between design and delivery of the product to the customer can lead to improved profitability, higher levels of customer satisfaction…


Managing automobile dealerships effectively

Michael Calta, Brian H. Kleiner

Considers the mismanagement of car dealerships and looks at the institutional causes. Discusses the traditional management style and organization of car dealerships with their…



This article has been withdrawn as it was published elsewhere and accidentally duplicated. The original article can be seen here: 10.1108/01409170010782352. When citing the…


Developments concerning career development and transition

(Annie) Yan Zheng, Brian H. Kleiner

Discusses the loss of job security and the expecation that employees will undertake a number of jobs in their career have led to a loss of employee loyalty. Shows career…


Inventory management in the women’s retail clothing industry

Hsu‐Hua Lee, Brian H. Kleiner

States that inventory is the most significant financial asset of women’s clothing retailers, showing that the majority look at inventory management as a tool to improve customer…


Managing and understanding the French employee

Suzanne Lavaty, Brian H. Kleiner

Considers the growing diversity in the workplace and the need for managers to be able to manage such a diverse workforce. Cites cultural differences as one important area which…


Expatriate‐local relationship and organisational effectiveness: a study of multinational companies in China

Lusha Li, Brian H. Kleiner

Considers the relationship between the expatriates and locals which affect their working together and therefore the effectiveness of their companies. Suggests that the area of…


The legacy of “Danwei” and job performance

Lusha Li, Brian H. Kleiner

Asks the question, what is the biggest challenge in management for multinationals in China? Identifies the answer as the “iron rice bowl” mindset of local employees. Suggests work…


Stress reduction in small businesses

Ratachai Teratanavat, Brian H. Kleiner

Considers ths sources of stress in small businesses: overload, uncertainty, understaffing, lack of sufficient experience and personal problems. Suggests some strategies to reduce…



This article has been withdrawn as it was published elsewhere and accidentally duplicated. The original article can be seen here: 10.1108/eb028505. When citing the article, please…


Managing human behaviour in a publishing company: a case of the Modern English Press Jakarta

Yenny Salim, Brian H. Kleiner

Uses a case study to look at motivation, group interaction, communication, leadership and decision‐making. Concludes that the company is still faced with a number of problems in…


The managed heart: the commercialisation of human feeling – and its dangers

Sandra Hayes, Brian H. Kleiner

Defines the term emotional labour and considers the way staff handle their emotions and how feelings are taken into account in order to react to situations. Looks at the types of…



This article has been withdrawn as it was published elsewhere and accidentally duplicated. The original article can be seen here: 10.1108/01409170010782280. When citing the…


New developments concerning reductions in force

Rosemary Cravotta, Brian H. Kleiner

Provides a brief history of the ways companies have reduced staffing in the past. Considers the difficulties experienced during these reduction programmes. Discusses the effects…


New developments concerning giving employment references

Samar Tahan, Brian H. Kleiner

Discusses the vital need to carry out adequate referencing when employing staff and the liabilities which can be incurred when giving information regarding previous employees…


The difficulties of whistleblowers finding employment

Firas Qusqas, Brian H. Kleiner

Briefly considers the ethical issue of whistle blowing before considering the difficulties whistleblowers face when attempting to find employment, especially in the public sector…


Human resources issues in the construction industry

Lubka Yankov, Brian H. Kleiner

Looks at the shortage of skilled employees in the labour market of the construction industry and the reduction in the number of qualified workers. Considers ways that employee…


The compensation of directors in organisations

Teri Nguyen, Brian H. Kleiner

Questions the use of the board of directors and what they need to do in order to earn their keep. Looks at the worst and best ranked boards of directors and then considers the…


How to manage promotion decisions effectively

Indahwati Gunawan Go, Brian H. Kleiner

Looks at promotion as a method of recognition and reward and considers the pitfalls of selection and the potential for discrimination allegations. Outlines several promotion…


New developments in ergonomics

Chad Cooper, Brian H. Kleiner

Briefly discusses some of the common injuries caused by poor ergonomics and how to find these problems within the workplace. Continues, in more depth on some of the new…


How to determine employability and wage earning capacity

Sheila Mallough, Brian H. Kleiner

Considers internal employability factors such as management skills, computer skills, communication and organizational skills. Covers external employability and salary factors such…


Effects of telecommuting on organisational behaviour

Margaret Tan‐Solano, Brian H. Kleiner

Introduces the concept of telecommuting before discussing the benefits of the process. Outlines the negative effect and then considers the legal implications. Discusses the…


Effective human resource management in the credit union industry

Jake White, Brian H. Kleiner

Considers the need to focus on the correct utilization of employees in their interaction of customers within the credit union industry. Discusses the common bond issue within…


The compensation of directors in organisations

Robert Scotland, Brian H. Kleiner

Discusses the role of the board of directors and their makeup. Covers the role of directors and the decision‐making process for setting pay. Provides indications of present pay…


Helping Americans adapt to the Japanese cultural system

Barbara Sagara, Brian H. Kleiner

Compares some of the cultural differences between the American and Japanese cultures. States that because of the emphasis on the personal relationship in business held by the…


The growing business power of the Pacific Rim

Thomas Bosch, Brian H. Kleiner

Considers the rise in trade with the Asian nations of the Pacific Rim and the increase in their economic strength. Provides some examples of this growing strength. Looks at the…


How to manage personnel with positive drug test results

Chia‐Lin Chen, Brian H. Kleiner

Cites drug abuse as a growing social problem which has a detrimental effect in the workplace. Considers the issues of privacy and the law, the methods of drug testing and the…


Effective personnel management practices in the Philippines

Amita Gupta, Brian H. Kleiner

Provides a brief outline of the Philippines before looking at the values held by the culture and the management style commonly adopted. Outlines personnel management practices…


Recent trends in performance measurement systems – the balanced scorecard approach

Andrew Gautreau, Brian H. Kleiner

Considers the need for performance measurement systems before introducing the concept of the balance business scorecard. Discusses the benefits of grouping strategic memasures…


Differences between company officers and company executives

Lisa V. Sison, Brian H. Kleiner

Considers the nature of the modern corporate structure and the divorce of ownership from control. Discusses the board’s role versus the management’s role. Looks at hiring and…




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